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The Committee

In accordance with the Home Owners Association Regulations, Settlers Green has a Committee who are responsible for the management and maintenance of the Common Area (Lot 5 of the estate). Details of the specific responsibilities and obligations of the Committee can be found in the Constitution document, per the following excerpt:

Part 3      The Committee 


14 Powers of the Committee 

Subject to the Act, the Regulation, this constitution and any resolution passed by  the Association in general meeting, the committee:

(c) has power to perform all the acts and do all things that appear to the committee to be necessary or desirable for the proper management of the affairs of the Association.


15 Composition and membership of committee 


Each Committee has two sub-Committees dealing with the maintenance and upkeep of the Common areas:



Additionally, the Social Committee are responsible for arranging various events and gatherings for the Residents and their family, with 2024 membership as follows: