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Today at Settlers Green
Introduction to Settlers Green

The Settlers Green estate consists of 70 Federation style homes, built between 1986 and 1990 and was the first development of its type in NSW - predating the "Community Land Management Act 2021". Although the Settlers Green Home Owners Association predates the Act, the Committee and resident representatives follow the intent of the Act in general.

At the time of its development, the estate won awards for elements of its construction, also winning awards in a local Gardening competition right up until these were discontinued in the mid 2000’s. The Estate even featured in an American TV series “Newton” which was filmed during the early 2000’s and was dressed up as a typical American town with white picket fences and American style letterboxes. Unfortunately however, the show did not proceed past the pilot stage.

Common Property

The roads including the paved border strip, the street lighting, signs, and power supply to the homes are all part of the common property - commonly known as Lot 5. This also includes the Clubhouse, pool area, tennis courts and surrounding gardens complete with the parking area in front of the club house. Access to and from the Common Area is via:

The Estate has a Management Committee, compliant with the above mentioned Act and several sub-committees (these are discussed under the tab "Committee"). The Managing Committee employs a Managing Agent to look after the affairs of the estate, which to date are Lamb & Walters P/L. Keys are available from the Managing Agent and should be part of the handover package from Real Estate Agents for new owners

Volunteers help with the activities of the estate including assisting with many maintenance and gardening tasks, which helps to reduce the cost of common property upkeep and defray the quarterly community levy.

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